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Recruitment opened!

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1Recruitment opened! Empty Recruitment opened! on Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:21 pm


is truly awesome
Hey there..

We're a small tight guild with around 11 members, most of us have a
long raid experience stretching all the way from MC to the Trial of the
Grand Crusader. Most of us know each other for a long time from
previous guilds, this means we have built this around trust and

We migrated here around some months ago from Ravencrest due to the massive queue times around peak hours.

We all come from a background of 'hardcore' raiding but have a
shared desire to take a step back from that level of commitment. Phased
was created to be a 10 man raid guild focused on taking down hardmodes
as fast as possible and so far we have had great success. We are a very
stable guild with little turnover in our membership but the arrival of
a baby in the life of one of our members has created a vacancy for the
first time in over four months. If you are looking for a guild that
plays with the skills and intensity of a 25man hardcore guild but with
a reduced time commitment we would love to hear from you.

So far we got:

Glory of the Ulduar raider


Tribute to Insanity

6/12 in ICC on HC

If you’re interested in joining our ranks please read on.

We still demand something from you as well, we want you…

... to have common sense, friendly attitude and know how to behave yourself.

... to be stable raiders who can wait with their afks till the scheduled raid breaks.

... to be prepared for raids; repaired, with flasks, logged on to ventrilo ect.

... to understand that we do NOT tolerate slacking, this goes for enchanting, gems ect.

... to have fun and keep enjoying raiding.

... to write and speak English.

... take and give constructive criticism.

... to understand PvE, your class and WoW in general.

... to have a stable connection and computer.

We do accept exceptional rerollers/applications.

this means we only raid 2 days a week, from 19:00 till 23:00. From
time to time we do add another hour or even a day if needed. We want
quality over quantity; when we raid we demand full focus and that you
have enough time free for the full raid.

To sum it up, we're a bunch of people who enjoy raiding and want to
keep it that way in the future. This means we want our raiding
environments to be fun and stable.

Since we want to keep the guild small we love dualspecc and
encourage offspeccs, this means you should know your class to the
fullest and be ready to swap roles at any time.

Please take your time when writing your application as this is the
first chance you will have to make a good impression. It is likely a
badly written application will be discarded at first sight. We will
contact you ingame or via these forums' message system.


Possibly 1 enh shaman

Feel free to ask questions Smile

Recruitment opened! G680556675
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